Compare  —  Present — Match

We do our best to always offer you the lowest price, but if you find a lower qualified price* on another site, we will be happy to match it and give you 25% off that stay. 

If you find a lower qualified price* for the same same room type, dates and terms at any point before your reservation is made or up to 24 hours after making your reservation through the official Ethos booking channels**, we will honor the lower price AND take an additional 25% off the room rate for each night of your stay.  

When multiple prices for the same accommodations are available through our booking channels, you must have booked the lowest rate to be eligible for our Price Match Pledge.

** Ethos booking channels (ie: official Ethos Hotel website, official Ethos reservation telephone line, or directly at the hotel).

* A “lower qualified price” must fulfill each of the following: 

• A lower price you find on a booking channel that is NOT one of the official Ethos Hotel booking channels.

• Must be for the same accommodations, dates, occupants, and terms as your current booking through one of the official Ethos Hotel booking channels.

• Price must be without restriction, meaning that it is viewable and bookable by anyone, e.g. not a member-only rate, online ads with no direct link to  book, rates and name of hotel only disclosed sometime after booking, or unauthorised reselling of an existing booking.

• Price matches exclude groups, tour operators, corporate programmes, and client rates.

To submit a claim you must contact us up to 24 hours after your reservation is made via our website using the online claim form also at the footer of the Home page. If your room was booked as part of a group booking, the person who made the booking on behalf of the group must make the claim. If your room was booked through a tour operator, you must make your claim to the tour operator.

The name on the claim must match the name on the reservation for each room.

Only one claim may be submitted for each reservation. 

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your claim. If you do not receive confirmation within 72 hours, please email

Price comparisons will be made net of taxes, gratuities, service charges, early departure fees, or other fees and incidental charges, and will exclude changes in currency exchange rates.

For stays longer than one night, the Price Match Pledge will be evaluated based on the total room price for the entire stay. Ethos may refuse claims if the percentage difference between the price booked and the qualifying lower price is 1% or less. Additionally, Ethos may deny claims that we believe are intentionally abusing or manipulating our Price Match Pledge.