The Radcliffe Camera

Located in the heart of Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera is one of the city’s most recognizable and photographed landmarks. Noteworthy for its unusual shape and impressive dome, it is not to be missed.

Completed in 1749, it was the first rotunda library in England. Today, it is one of the main reading rooms of the Bodleian Library complex.

You can view the Radcliffe Camera and venture through Oxford on a tour that showcases its highlights in just 90 minutes. In addition to the Radcliffe Camera, the guided walking tour introduces you to many of Oxford’s famous colleges and university buildings.

You’ll also hear recommendations for other activities and learn insider tips for Oxford’s many restaurants. Your tour will begin at the blue gates of Trinity College. You’ll visit some of the oldest colleges, usually including New College, which was founded in 1379 and made an appearance in the Harry Potter films.